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Who Are We?

Our Restaurant is located at only six minutes from downtown Kirkland.

With a willing heart to share an Italian Tradition, the founders of Pizzaiolo poured all their heart and passion to recreate the original wood fired Pizza from Napoli Italy.

Pizzaiolo uses the San Marzano tomatoes directly from Italy to create their fabulous sauce.

Organic and fresh ingredients are the main focus when it comes to create the best Pizza on Earth at Pizzaiolo.

From the Marinara with that oregano and garlic to the Cheese Pizza with diced mozzarella and grana padano, to the loved by everyone… Pepperoni. The taste of this Pizzas will wake up your senses. Your taste buds, will join in a symphony of flavors, bringing you to that little Italian town with the country side vineyard, the dirt road and that table on the shade under the olive tree.

Or you can travel out of the country in your mind when you come to Pizzaiolo and taste the unique, real pizza Margherita, born in the city of the same name. It’s healthy and despite the simple ingredients (mozzarella and tomato sauce) it has an amazing flavor.

Our Mission

Pizzaiolo is a Family Restaurant with the mission of constantly offering freshness and quality in your dining experience.

Pizzaiolo’s vision is to be the best Wood Fired Pizza in the state of Washington. We invite your family to be part of our family and join us on this long journey on a road of friendships and relationships that will surpass time and matter.

Spero di vederti presto…